Reduced price! Ultrasonic Cleaner HAYNE Original H926

Ultrasonic Cleaner HAYNE Original H926

Hayne Original


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Universal ultrasonic cleaner HAYNE Original H926 for thorough cleaning of spectacle frames, small fasteners and jewelery. Equipped with a modern high-ultrasound generator and a capacious tank made of stainless steel. Simple operation combined with efficient and quiet operation.

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Ultrasonic cleaner HAYNE Original H926

The ultrasonic cleaner is a professional cleaning device. Perfect for removing dirt and impurities from inaccessible places of cleaned items.

The technique of ultrasonic cleaners operation is based on a physical process called cavitation. The ultrasonic generator produces an electrical signal of constant power and high frequency, leading to the formation of pressure waves (ultrasonic vibrations), which in turn creates a large number of imploding microbubbles on the surface of the cleaned object. This process during the cleaning program weakens the dirt adhesion - the process of cavitation erosion.

Please note that the quality and speed of ultrasonic cleaning depends mainly on the function of the device and the cleaning agent used. Temperature also affects the final cleaning result.

Ultrasonic cleaner HAYNE Original H926 - Specification




Tank capacity 



1 pcs. 

Input voltage 

AC 100-120V 60Hz / AC220-240V 50Hz 

Ultrasonic power 

35W / 60W 

Ultrasonic power 


Tank size  

150*85*65 mm 

Unit size  

175*110*125 mm 

The kit includes a cover for an ultrasonic cleaner

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