Wkrętaki precyzyjny Torx 3, 6-ramienny

Screwdriver for Torx 3


Tax rate: 23%


Torx precision screwdriver for locking bolts and hinges in the new standard.

Screwdriver type: Precision
TORX tip: TX 3
Pin Length mm: 40

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Ceny widoczne po zalogowaniu:
Stem: round, matte nickel plated
Working part: blackened, Black Point
Handle: Kraftform Micro, non-rolling, with quick-spinner cap, multi-component

The force transfer zone, equipped with soft rubber inserts, allows the transmission of high torques.
The precision zone provides control over the angle of rotation of the tool during precision work.
The Black Point tip guarantees an exact fit to the screw socket and increased corrosion resistance.

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