Automatyczny refrakto – keratometr POTEC PRK – 8000

PRK-8000 Auto Refracto-Keratometer



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Automatic refracto-keratometer POTEC PRK-8000 is a high quality device that guarantees excellent measurement precision. A distinguishing feature is the movable LCD display providing more convenient access to patient's eye control.

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Refractometry & Keratometry Measurement
PRK-8000 provides an extensive dioptric measurement range [-30D to +25D] compared to our previous model, and the radius of curvature for keratometry is 5.0mm to 13.0mm. Easy alignment and friendly operation allows you to measure the refraction and keratometry at a time and check the results immediately

Peripheral Keratometry
Peripheral corneal curvatures can be measured by having the examinee look at the peripheral eye fixation lamps. Measuring the corneal periphery will help you examine irregular astigmatism, and also determine a better fitting for a contact lens.

Intuitive Diameter Measurement
Using the freeze function, measurement of the diameter of the cornea, pupil or hard contact lenses worn by the patient can be performed. By simply touching and dragging the screen with your finger measurements are exactly calculated.

Simulating short-distance vision
An optician can help a patient easily understand if he or she needs to wear progressive lens through pre-correction vision simulation. The patient can compare the effects before and after correcting through short-distance vision simulation.

Enhanced performance of Retro illum
With our improved ILLUM mode, any opactiy[cataract] in the crystal or fault of the contact lens are visible on the monitor by the method of projecting light on the pupil.

Improved display function for Retro illum Mode
Ten images and results of each eyeball can be for simultaneous checking by enhanced display control system.

Black/White User Interface Option
According to preference, user can select Black or white user interface.

Convenient Control by TFT-LCD Touch Screen
We virtually moved, almost all function buttons on TFT-LCD touch screen for smooth and easy operation. various tests can be performed conveniently by a simple touch on indicated icons on TFT-LCD screen.

Instant Display Data
Up to 10 measurement results can be checked by a simple touch on display and thermal auto cut printer helps to print out the result.

Interactive SETUP Change
Simply touch the icon on the screen and changed settings can be seen. The touch screen supports interactive setting changes quickly and conveniently to save user time.

IOL Measurement
By turning on "IOL" function, measurement result of cataract patient will be easy to take.

Motorized chinrest
Motorized chinrest switch is placed on the top of lower base to adjust the height of chinrest conveniently. It's smooth up & down movement helps patient and examiner to obtain accurate position for measurement.

Auto Cut Printer
Result can be printed right after finishing the measurement with auto paper cutting technology. By economy mode of printing can save paper by adjusting letter size and arrangement.

Data transfer
Data can be transferred to external devices [personal computer, etc.] via an RS-232 interface. A USB interface is also provided for future compatibility.
User can send the images of patient's eyes through USB port and have faster S/W upgrade by the PC program provided as option.

LCD User-oriented tilting LCD screen
Our new enlarged [800X480] LCD monitor gives 180˚ up & down 135~145˚ left to right versatile accessibility to a user for inspecting patient eye more conveniently.

Semi-auto pupil tracking
The pupil position detecting automatic height adjustment system reduces measurement time.
By only clicking a button, user can switch the mode from Auto to manual tracking.

Measurement helping guide indication
Measurement convenience and accuracy are increased by adding lever-handling guide images designed to easily track eyeball focus.

Enhanced joystick performance
The no-load joy stick ensures softer and enhanced eye examination, as it can determine a point of time for measurement without vibration and more accurately than the previously adopted belt type even while the measurement head is moving up or down.

The convenience stage-lock
User can fasten the main body by simple control.

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