Progear Dash 2 - oprawa czarny mat / soczewka szary

Progear Dash 2 - frames: graphite matt, lenses: red mirror



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Progear Dash 2 sports glasses. Matt graphite frames. Red mirror replaceable lenses. Set in a black case.

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Progear Dash 2 sports glasses

Progear Dash 2 sports glasses are a unique solution for people who live actively, regardless of their individual predisposition or the anatomy of their body. Equipped with a movable spring-loaded hinge tab, this makes it possible for perfect adjustment and a stable fit on the head.

In addition, the 16° rotation of the front disc provides the ideal way to use the right angle of the wheel hardware, depending on the operation, e.g. in running, looking ahead, but also on your feet – the right adjustment of the housing solves the problem. Progear dash 2 glasses offer the maximum transparency of central and peripheral vision, and the possibility of using an internal clip-on insert or adapter with individually strong eyeglasses makes the Progear Dash 2 sports glasses an extremely interesting proposal.

The Progear dash 2 sports glasses are:
  • The most popular sports glasses for runners
  • Use of the internal clip-on insert or adapter with individual eye-type lenses
  • Wide range of correction power
  • Maximum clarity of central and peripheral vision
  • Ultra-light (weight only 28,5 g)

See also additional accessories:
  • The RX adapter for the Progear dash 2 sports glasses. Easy lens insert adaptor.
  • RX correction pad for the 2 Progear dash sports glasses. Clip-on insert. Made of nylon-coated stainless steel, it does not scratch the lens surface. Easily mount correction lenses.

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