Foropter manualny typ AO model VT-5A

Manual Phoropter VT-5A, Type AO, grey

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Top-grade quality View Tester with elegant design of butterfly-shape appearance. 

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1. Top-grade quality View Tester

2. Elegant design of butterfly-shape appearance

3. High grade plated-film used in all optic lenses

4. This device is applicable to ophthalmology department of hospitals and spectacle stores for precision measurement of visual functions such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, eyesight balance, heterophoria, stereoscopic vision and eyesight amalgamation


1. Sphere powers range: +16.75D to-19.00D, with minimum reading 0.25D or 0.12D

(When +0.12D auxiliary lens or optional±0.12D lens is in use)

2. Cylinder power range: 0 to-6.00D, with minimum reading 0.25D or 0.12D (when auxiliary lens is in use)

0 to-8.00D (when-2.00D auxiliary lens is in use)

3. Astigmatic axis scale: 0 to 180° in 5° steps

4. Cross cylinder:±0.25D, reversal type (synchronized with astigmatic axis)

5. Rotary prism: 0 to 20∆D in 1∆D step

Sph  +16.75D to-19.00D
Cyl 0 to-6.00D


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