Cleaning wipes Velox® Wipes

Cleaning wipes Velox® Wipes

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Alcohol-based-formula wipes for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces of medical equipment

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Velox Wipes are alcohol wipes for the analysis and disinfection of small agents and medical equipment

The preparation does not contain aldehyde and phenol, so it does not discolour disinfected surfaces. Thanks to the innovative formula, the product has a broad killer spectrum and cleaning products. They have a positive opinion of manufacturers of medical equipment. They have a pleasant fresh scent.

Product features:
- They work for 30 seconds. against bacteria, fungi and viruses
- Guarantee of safety and safety of use
- Fast material effect and disinfected surface
- Recommended for units, medical equipment and treatment lamps
- Can be used for many sensitive materials
- High reduction of the risk of infection
- They give a refreshing effect
- Used economically
- Non-woven wipes 13 × 20 cm, 23 g / m

The package includes a can and 100 wipes.

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