Medisept Set

Medisept Set


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A set of 3 Medispet products for disinfection and hygiene in an optical salon

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Buy liquid and wipes, get soap for 0.01 PLN net

The set of Medisept products contains everything you need to take care of hygiene and safety in the optician's shop. The disinfectant liquid with wipes and antibacterial soap make a perfect combination. Thanks to these products, you can be sure that your optician's shop will meet all disinfection and hygiene requirements. The products included in the set are safe for both people and devices and are unique and easy to use.

By purchasing in a set you save over 15%!

The set includes:

  • Liquid for disinfection of glasses and medical devices 1L
  • Velox Wipes NA washing and disinfecting wipes
  • Mediclean 420 Scrub antibacterial soap

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