Mydło antybakteryjne Mediclean 420 Scrub

Antibacterial soap Mediclean 420 Scrub


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Antibacterial soap for washing hands and the whole body. Gently moisturizing thanks to the use of mild cleaning and refining agents

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Mediclean 420 Scrub is a high quality liquid antibacterial soap. Does not contain dyes or fragrance. The natural pH of the skin and the content of glycerin and coconut oil derivative allows you to wash your hands daily without causing irritation. Recommended for use in health care institutions.

Product features:
  • For washing hands and the whole body
  • Contains cleansing agents that are mild to the skin
  • It protects the skin from drying and gently moisturizes
  • Has antibacterial properties
  • It foams well
  • No dyes, no smell
  • Skin friendly pH 5.5-6.0

Packaging: 500 ml

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