Chusteczki do mycia i dezynfekcji Velox Wipes NA

Cleaning wipes Velox® Wipes NA

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Alcohol-free wipes for disinfection of alcohol-sensitive medical-equipment surfaces. Works in only 1 minute.

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Velox® Wipes NA are recommended for disinfecting a variety of medical-equipment surfaces made from plastic, acrylic glass, stainless steel, metal, aluminium, rubber and porcelain. Free from alcohol, aldehydes and phosphates, the wipes have a pleasant aroma and do not discolour surfaces.

Product features:
- Removes bacteria, fungi, viruses
- Ready to use, for surfaces sensitive to alcohol
- Designed for disinfecting various surfaces of medical equipment made of glass, porcelain, metal, rubber, plastic and acrylic glass
- Guarantee of effectiveness and safety of use
- High reduction of infection risk
- Quick effect of a clean and disinfected surface
- Ready to use, for surfaces sensitive to alcohol
- They give a refreshing effect
- Economical to use
- Non-woven wipes 13 × 20 cm, 23 g / m2

The package contains 100 pcs.

Also available in a refill pack.

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