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Ventilated Safety Goggles

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Protective goggles tightly adhere to the face around the eyes, protecting the user's eyes against gusts of air, mechanical injuries and liquid splashes.

The possibility of putting on prescription glasses.

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FIELD OF APPLICATION: Protection during examination and treatment. Blocking body fluids, blood splashes or other liquids. Protection against dust, chemical drops and impact resistance.

1. Transparent lens with a smooth surface, without scratches, cracks, etc.
2. The surface of the safety glasses should be smooth, without burrs, without sharp angles.
3. Anti-fog lenses reduce fogging without affecting central vision.
4. The elastic band that fixes the safety goggles applies 10N horizontally. Holds glasses, makes them do not fall off the head.

COMPOSITION: PVC material, impact resistant, UV resistant, double-sided polycarbonate lens with anti-fog coating and adjustable elastic band.

The product meets the standards: GB32166.1-2016, EN166: 2001, ANSI Z87.1

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