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frame heater Original Passat 13

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Eyeglass heater, has hot and cold air function

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Heater for mounting eyeglass lenses - Passat 13 model

  • Hot and cold air
  • Classic available again due to many customer requests
  • Produces both hot and cold air
  • First heats the eyeglass frame and then begins the intensive cooling process to cool the frame faster
  • Because a cold air engine was used for cooling, which significantly reduces the cooling time
  • This is much faster and more professional
  • The technique is the same as in the Passat 22 heater
  • The temperature is set between 75 & ordm; C to 180 & ordm; C
  • The set temperature is electronically maintained at the selected value (only +/- 5 & deg; difference)
  • Particularly fast heating thanks to a strong heating spiral (less than 30 seconds to achieve softening of thermoplastics)
Available options:

art. No. 5317
-Passat 13S silver
art. No. 5278 -Passat 13 white


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