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Spectacle display

Hayne Polska Sp. z o. o.


Tax rate: 23%


Designer display for strings and chains made of durable plastic.

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In the past, eyeglass cords and chains were used to protect the glasses from falling to the ground. Today their importance is much greater! It is a fashionable accessory, placed on a par with clothing or jewelry.

An elegant accessory requires a proper presentation, which is why we have introduced a designer display to our offer! It will help you stand out and attract the customer with cords or chains.

The > display is made of is made of durable plastic. Holds 12 pieces strings / strings.

Dimensions: 29.5 cm x 20 cm

< span style = " font-size: 12pt; "> NOTE: the display is available for PLN 1 when ordering 40 pcs of any strings / strings / elastics / tapes HAYNE Orignal !

The promotion excludes the Multisztuk discount and the promotional display is charged when invoicing.

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