Koncentrat HAYNE Original do myjek ultradźwiękowych, 1000 ml

HAYNE Original Ultrasonic cleaners concentrate, 1000 ml

Hayne Original


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Concentrated liquid for ultrasonic cleaners with a capacity of 1L The product is intended for professional use.

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HAYNE Original concentrate for ultrasonic cleaners contains 3 types of non-ionic surfactants.

Removes dirt, deposits, fats, synthetic oils, and organic pollutants.

Perfectly cleans parts of eyeglass frames and delicate elements of eyeglass jewelry.

It works well for use in jewelery, watchmaking and numismatics.


Composition safe for skin, metals, plastics and other materials.

Protects against corrosion, does not contain aggressive hydroxides.


Extends the life of ultrasonic cleaners.


Directions for use:

Prepare a concentrate in a ratio of 1:10

Less contaminated items can be cleaned with a 1:50 solution

Strong contamination can be cleaned with concentrate

Recommended application temperature: 20 - 60 ° C

Optimum application temperature: 40 ° C


pH: 10 - 11


Shelf life: 24 months


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