How do I choose sports glasses for a visually impaired person? View the guide to professional running, cycling and swimming glasses. Check out safety sports glasses for kids - tested in team games.


If you wear corrective glasses on a daily basis, the new pair of sports glasses should be adapted to the type of activity. Other solutions are used for football glasses, other for cyclists and sailors, and others for diving.

Keep running sports glasses light, allow a panoramic view, and protect from light glare. Despite the heavy movement, these glasses should be tightly fixed - especially on the nose and in the vicinity. In addition, sports glasses for runners must allow adequate air circulation.

okulary sportowe dla biegaczy progear dash hayne

Glasses for runners: Progear Dash 2

The bicycle glasses are above all an aerodynamic design, which is essential for achieving higher speeds on the road. Wide-angle disc provides wide field of view. In addition to protecting against insects, sand particles or mud drops, sports glasses for cycling must be provided with adequate ventilation so that the glasses do not become constipation and the eyes do not become swerve from wind gusts.

With the expectations of football sports glasses, this sport must be built with a high durability of materials and a high level of safety. This is the case with the unique technology of the winter Indor Sports glasses - perfectly adhering, durable and comfortable. Sziols sports glasses received a recommendation from the Bavarian Ministry of Education and Culture and a TÜV certificate, a German technical inspection association which is responsible for safety control of products in our western neighbors.

Football glasses: Sziols Indoor Sport


The purpose of the sun-visor sports glasses is to protect the eyes from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation. The UV permeability of our glasses can be easily checked using a dioptrometer. The most effective and safest for our eyes are, of course, those with 100% protection, with a UV filter of 400 - that is, one that does not pass light at a wavelength of up to 400 nm (and that is the length of which is UVA light).

Another important coating of sports glasses is a polarizing filter that reduces glare - minimizes glare from sunlight, which reflects off smooth surfaces such as water, snow, road and mask. This makes the so-called "polaroid" a perfect spectacle for cyclists, sailors, snowboarders or... drivers.

Versatile sports glasses adapt to different lighting conditions, so there are other filters like Blue Blocker - which reduces blue light from screens and monitors, and a brightening filter (white or yellow) - which improves night and night comfort.

okulary sportowe z wkładką korekcyjną hayne

Sports glasses with correction pad: Sziols X-Kross


Movement is a natural necessity for every person - especially the young. Cutting-edge optical technologies make it easy for your child to experience W-f lessons, sports training and team games.

The unique technology used to create sports glasses for children, the Sziols Indoor Kids, is above all a smooth, ergonomic polycarbonate frame, additional silicon nose and temporal reinforcement that effectively absorbs impact.

Side ventilation ducts ensure adequate air circulation, and replaceable adjustable head band ensures that the glasses are always perfectly suited to the circuit and design of the child's head. The internal groove groove groove allows highly seated lenses made of the recommended Sziols Indoor Kids' glasses to keep the correction lenses in place, even in the event of an accident.

okulary sportowe dla dzieci sziols indoor kids hayne

Sports glasses for children: Sziols Indoor Kids


How many users – as many needs and expectations for sports glasses. The perfect match for fixtures, customized filters and individual material or color preferences, and the ability to create a personalized add-on kit, are recently one of the key aspects that manufacturers of sports glasses take into account.

Sports glasses with correction insert (such as the Progear dash 2 and the Sziols X-Gross) allow individual power selection and comfortable placement in the ultra-light colored TR90 fixtures. Sports glasses for cycling, running, winter sports or water sports; interchangeable mounting, nano-sets and tapes - all packed in one case - professional sports glasses for athletes are a real special set!

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