Oprawy dla dzieci COMOFRAMES od pierwszych miesięcy życia

What should be the ideal glasses for children?

How to protect children from progressive vision defects? How to help them deal with visual impairment? We recognize that the widespread use of electronic devices has contributed to the increase in the prevalence of nearsightedness (myopia) around the world. Other circumstances, such as genetics and environmental factors, also play a role. It's important to have regular eye exams for children - to detect and correct any refractive errors, as early treatment can slow or prevent myopia from progressing.

Prescripted glasses for children are one of the tools that effectively improve the quality of vision, and thus: the comfort of children's lives. That is why engineers and designers, in cooperation with ophthalmologists and optometrists, are looking for the most modern solutions to create safe glasses for children of all ages, tailored to their unique needs. What should be the ideal glasses for children?

• Durable and impact resistant
• Light and comfortable to wear
• Properly matched
• Stylish to encourage children to wear them regularly

The combination of all these features are COMOFRAMES - spectacle frames for children - known for their adjustable, flexible and comfortable design. Made of lightweight materials such as polymers, acetate, hypoallergenic plastics or monel - they are known for their durability and versatility.

COMOFRAME children's spectacle frames available at HAYNE

oprawy dla dzieci como soft hayne


frames made of thermoplastic hypoallergenic polymer; unique design and complete absence of metal parts; designed in accordance with the anatomy of the child's face - they have a central bridge and wide shields that allow you to maintain a natural, wide field of vision

oprawy dla dzieci comoframes easy hayne


frames made of hypoallergenic materials, designed for delicate faces - they have a soft, rubberized, one-piece nose pad (and temple ends on the inside)

oprawy dla dzieci como smart hayne


frames made of Mazzucchelli acetate and hypoallergenic plastic, equipped with monoblock hinges that are easy to dismantle and replace, exceptionally lightweight & well fitting

oprawy dla dzieci como iron


hand-made frames made of monel (a special and ultra-light metal alloy), for younger children and teenagers for whom quality and unique style is important

COMO frames for children - product’s review

As for the opinion about COMOFRAME - these Italian eyeglass frames for children have received positive reviews from customers who appreciate their comfort and versatility. However, as with any product, individual experiences and opinions may vary, so it's best to try them out for yourself and see if they suit your specific needs and preferences.

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