Nowa kampania HAYNE MIST #okularybezpary 

The advertising campaign HAYNE MIST Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner 2021 has started. This year, the most effective anti-fog will be displayed on citylights in the largest Polish cities as well as on video commercials in public transport.

Autumn is the time when the problem of fogged up eyeglass lenses affects every eyeglass user. The differences in humidity and temperature that occur at this time of year affect the deposition of steam on the lenses of the glasses.

When we getting on a bus, tram or standing outside the car, a mist appears on the lenses, which limits vision and causes discomfort in using corrective, protective or sunglasses.

HAYNE suggests an effective way to wear glasses without steam. Tested by thousands of users, recommended by opticians - HAYNE MIST Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner - is a real HIT among preparations against fogging glasses.

HAYNE MIST is available in the best optical salons in Poland.

HAYNE MIST wideo advert 

HAYNE MIST citylights 

HAYNE MIST in public transport 

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