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Take care of your glasses on a daily basis. What's the best way to clean eyeglasses? How can I clean my glasses on the go? Is there a way to completely clean the lenses and eyepiece holders? What is the best liquid to clean eyeglasses? See the HAYNE guide for clean eyeglasses.

The corrective glasses in will do their job - reducing or correcting the vision defect - only if they are really clean. It is difficult to see correctly when the eyepiece lens is dirty or streaked. As well as sunglasses. It is important to keep the glasses clean for a healthy eye. Cleaning the glasses should be a standard daily routine for every eyewear user.

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Can you clean eyeglasses with soap and water?

First of all, wash your hands thoroughly before you clean the glasses. The home way to clean the glasses is to thoroughly clean them with warm (but not hot) water and mild soap or washing-up liquid. However, it is important to ensure that the detergent used does not contain detergents, lemon juice or ammonia, which can damage the lens coatings (e.g. anti-reflection and anti-static coating).

We clean both the eyepiece lens - on both sides - and the entire frames. If you use full frames, the most comfortable and easiest way to clean the glasses is to hold them by the bridge. By grasping the tab, we can bend the fitting unintentionally. We hold the patent glasses (without frames) gently on both sides by the edge of the lens. Tap off excess water from the surface of the glasses that have been washed.

What is lens cloth made of? Can you wash eyeglass cloths?

To wipe the glasses, we use a microphase (microfiber) eyeglass cleaning cloth. This is a synthetic, ultra-durable, fast-drying, crease-resistant material whose fibers are thinner than the human hair. The microfiber fabric ensures that this eyeglass lens cloth does not scratch the lens.

The grain and size of the fibers make the microfiber cloth very absorbent. It will collect excess water and any remaining impurities without leaving streaks on the eyepiece lens. You can or should also wash your glasses with cloths at temperatures up to 40°C on a regular basis, without the use of a rinse liquid.

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How do I clean my glasses on the go, at work, and away from home?

It is a little complicated when we do not have the running water in hand. During your trip, in the car, at work and in any other situation, when you need to clean glasses quickly and effectively - dedicated eyeglass cleaning products and pre-moistened wipes come with help. Do not expose your glasses to liquids containing substances that may damage lenses or frames. Optical recommended lens cleaner liquids are tested and daily used by thousands of goggles.

Good eyeglass fluid should primarily clean all types of dirt quickly and effectively, wash off greasy marks on the glasses, and do not leave smudges after rubbing. Good if its capacity allows you to store it in a handy bag and the application is quick and convenient (e.g. atomizer). Best lens cleaner should have mild fragrance or be totally odorless.

A range of handy products for cleaning and protecting your lenses and glasses from dirt is also pre-moistured wipes for cleaning. Eyeglass and screen wipes purchased in markers are usually made of materials that can damage the lenses. However, the special formula and natural materials used for making disposable eyewear wipes make it an effective solution that works well, for example, on the go.

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Why are my spectacles cloudy? 

The problem of fog on lenses affects us particularly in spring and autumn-winter periods, when the temperature and humidity of the air make the eyepiece glass overlap with steam when entering a room or car. The bulk use of the maculque has made anti-seal products a first-demand product for the occulpers. In response to the need, in HAYNE we created the most effective anti-fog product recommended by optics in Poland and abroad - HAYNE MIST Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner.

Anti-fog spray for eyewear lenses from HAYNE protects the glasses from unwanted fog under all conditions. HAYNE MIST protects the lenses from contamination. Anti-fog HAYNE MIST is ideal for corrective glasses, sunglasses, ski goggles, swimming glasses and motorcycle helmet visors.


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How can I clean eyeglasses in optical shop?

The most accurate way is to clean the glasses in an ultrasonic cleaner. If you looking for special eyeglass cleaner wich can remove all dirt - even from the gaps between the frames and the embedded lenses - the best device is an ultrasonic cleaner.

How does it work? The cavitation wash for the glasses uses a physical phenomenon. Ultrasound generator produces an electrical signal, causing vibrations, which in turn creates a large number of microbubbles imputting on the surface of the object being cleaned. During the cleaning program, the adhesion of dirt is reduced (cavitation erosion).

Special ultrasonic cleaner concentrate is required for using in an ultrasonic washing machine. The concentrate should be distributed in the water in an appropriate proportion. In combination with ultrasound, it removes dirt, deposits, fats, synthetic oils and organic contaminants from lenses, frames and eyewear jewelry.

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