HAYNE Lookbook | spring 2022

A growing number of people suffer from the disadvantages of refraction and vision diseases. The optics industry has the challenge of helping sick, tired and hard-working eyes. HAYNE Poland is constantly looking for new solutions and providing advanced equipment for the most accurate diagnosis and comfortable working in the living room and the optical room.

In HAYNE Lookbok | spring 2022 we introduce the last refractive devices. In the "Diagnostics" section we refer to the diagnostic equipment and also compare the equipment of different price levels.

Spring in sight, welcome to a new collection of eyglasses chains that we can wear with corrective glasses as well as sunglasses.

Years of experience and cooperation with you have made the HAYNE Polska more than 80% of optics in Poland. We will do our best to remain your number one advisor and distributor.

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The offers are valid till 30.06.2022.