HAYNE is the leader in the optical industry in Poland once again. We present the results of the 20th edition of BCMM optical market research for 2022, which shows that the vast majority of the surveyed optical stores buy from HAYNE.

Leader on the optical market

HAYNE Polska Sp. z o.o. has been the leader on the optical market since 2016. According to the BCMM report in 2022, the vast majority of opticians in Poland use supplies from HAYNE.

The 20th jubilee report "Optykbus 2022 - spectacle lenses: penetration of optical accessories suppliers, refraction testing room equipment" was carried out by the BCMM marketing research institute.

The research presents the place of supply with optical accessories and the equipment of the refraction examination room. The survey was carried out using the CATI method based on the opinion of a representative group of owners or managers of opticians in Poland.

About HAYNE 

HAYNE is the largest online store for the optics industry in Poland. Since 2007, it has been successfully cooperating and providing the highest quality equipment and accessories for ophthalmic offices, optical salons, eyeglass lens grinders, optical laboratories, manufacturers of eyeglass frames and other business entities related to the optical industry in Poland and abroad.

HAYNE Polska offers nearly 5,000 products necessary in the daily work of an ophthalmologist, optician or optometrist - professional medical devices, accessories and optic-ophthalmic equipment. HAYNE is a distributor of the following brands: Bernell, Canon, 3M Optical, POTEC and Heine. The offer of the HAYNE online store includes products from recognized manufacturers, including: Frey & Winkler, Oculus, Top Vision Group, Riester, Pull-up Case, Progear, GFC, as well as a successively expanded range of accessories and devices signed by own brand - HAYNE Original.

HAYNE also means consulting, training, professional assembly and replacement equipment as well as after-sales care at the highest level.